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2019 Best Sportscaster: Alan Hoshida

Alan Hoshida covers all things sports for KEPR.
Alan Hoshida covers all things sports for KEPR. Courtesy Alan Hoshida

For the past three years, since moving from his home state of California, Alan Hoshida has been the voice of KEPR TV’s sports center, providing the latest highlights and stories for more than 40 local teams.

“I really committed myself to the area and wanted to invest, get to know the community the best I can,” he said.

Hoshida and his team at KEPR try to pack their shows with local content. “Because you can always get bigger colleges or pro teams on a larger network, but who’s going to show you your kids and their teams? … We are committed to bring you the most diverse and expansive coverage of our area, so that all these athletes that work their butts off get the recognition they deserve,” he said.

Hoshida is happy with what he has been able to accomplish, adding, “(People’s Choice) is a good affirmation to keep doing what I’m doing and makes me want to do more for the Tri-Cities and sports.”

1. Alan Hoshida


2. Cooper Perkins


3. Austin Getz