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2017 Best Coffee Shop: Roasters Coffee

Wes and Shannon Heyden are the owners of Roasters Coffee.
Wes and Shannon Heyden are the owners of Roasters Coffee.

When the first Roasters Coffee opened in 2009, Wes Heyden didn’t know he was starting an empire.

“I just wanted to open a coffee shop. We started small and never expected it to get big,” he said, leaning back in one of the booths at his Edison Street location. “I have the entrepreneurial spirit, and we went for it.”

Heyden and his wife, Shannon, came to the Tri-Cities about a decade ago with an eye for opportunity. They opened the first Roasters Coffee, a lone shop in the parking lot of the Red Lion Hotel in Pasco. He expanded just five months later when an opportunity presented itself.

“The first four years were really hard work,” he said. “I had to sacrifice a lot of things people take for granted: recreation, time with family, long vacations. Success has its costs and its rewards, and I think sometimes people only see the end product.”

It’s almost impossible not to see Roasters Coffee as a success today. Roasters Coffee has eight locations within a 10-mile radius and is looking to expand to Walla Walla and Spokane over the next year.

Heyden calls it “old school” sort of business: In a time of technology and digital business, Roasters holds on to its brick and mortar, face-to-face service. All beans are roasted locally, so customers taste coffee roasted just days before.

“We try to make it real, always look for ways to elevate, both for our customers and for our baristas and managers,” he said. “We look at quality of the product and quality of the people. We took our time, we learned how to grow and found people to grow with us.”

Some of the Roasters Coffee employees have been with the company since the first shop opened, and Heyden himself also responds to many of the comments and complaints the stores receive.

“We’re really humbled by the amount of support we have received,” he says. “We really exist to serve.”

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