Marianne Ophardt

Garden Tips: Hostas are a great shade plant

During the past 30 years, local gardeners have wisely planted trees for shade. This has yielded cooling shade around our homes, but has also resulted in areas of the yard and garden becoming shaded. Since most perennial flowers perform best in full sun, a shaded garden becomes a challenge.

Marianne Ophardt

Garden Tips: Awesome science behind fall leaf color

There is science behind the awesome transition from green leaves to intense fall colors. The green color in leaves is because of the pigment chlorophyll. Also produced in the leaves are yellow (xanthophyl) and orange (carotene) pigments that are usually masked by the green chlorophyll. In fall, as the days shorten and the weather cools, chlorophyll production slows, and the chlorophyll starts to break down, revealing the yellow and orange pigments

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