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Braves clean up nicely after hoops win (w/ photos)

RICHLAND — I already knew Brian Meneely ran a clean program at Kamiakin High School, but this is ridiculous.

The Braves took care of some serious business against Richland at Art Dawald Gymnasium on Monday, winning 77-49 in a place that has never been easy to conquer.

After the well-deserved victory, the Kamiakin student section — which is becoming well known around the area for its antics — tossed decks of cards into the air, chanting "52". Of course, the cards splayed out into the bleachers and onto the hardwood floor.

If I could have made a poker hand of the ones that fell on press row I would have had trip-threes.

But Meneely, seeing the mess, made a rather diplomatic move. He asked his players to pick up the cards on the floor. In no time at all, there were a dozen varsity basketball players cleaning the floor at Art Dawald.

I asked him if there was any particular meaning regarding the chant of "52", and he didn't know.

"I don't know why they do most of the things they do," Meneely said. "I just know they show a lot of support for us."