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Kennewick up to their old tricks in win over Sunnyside

You like trick plays? A little misdirection? Some sleight of hand?

You would have loved Kennewick vs. Sunnyside on Thursday night.

Kennewick used two trick plays to score its first two touchdowns. The first was a reverse option pass from Kaden Julian to Troy Fulton, which resulted in the Lions first TD to go up 6-0.

Then the Lions used the old reverse quarterback throwback, where Bryce Leavitt pitched it back to Chase Reining, who dropped back and then threw to Leavitt sprinting into the left flat.

The play resulted in a score, but it wasn't as easy as it looked. First off, Leavitt had to leap over a pair of defenders to get in the end zone. He's an explosive athlete, which helped him get high enough to spin through the hits.

Running back Grant Woods said he was a little worried to see his friend and teammate get hit like that. Apparently it brought back some bad memories.

"Our sophomore year, we tried that play in the red zone," Woods said. "Bryce was the main guy on the flea flicker. He tossed it to me and went around the end."

That time, Leavitt apparently got hurt on the play. Naturally, Woods was concerned the same might happen this time. Fortunately, it didn't. Leavitt is 6-foot-4 and 170 pounds, which might seem a little lean, but he's plenty tough.

A couple more impressions from Thursday: Several Lions players were fighting the flu or injury bug. Reggie Clinton, a WR in the middle of a terrific season, sat out with an injury. Kennewick coach Bill Templeton said at least three other players were questionable with the flu.

One of them was Shaun Smith, who ended up with three sacks from his linebacker position, shooting up the field to keep Sunnyside QB Eduardo Salmeron from breaking out of the pocket. Big ups to Shaun for getting out there.

One of my favorite moments was when I asked defensive lineman Jarod Gonzales for an interview after the game. Jarod, a two-way starter in the trenches, was terrific. He made four tackles — including one for a loss — and returned a fumble 31 yards to set up the Lions' third touchdown of the day.

But when I told him I wanted to talk to him, it looked like he had no idea what I was talking about. He had kind of a 'What did I do now?' look on his face.

Don't worry, Jarod. You did just fine. Anytime a 230-pound lineman takes off like you did, you're fulfilling the dream of linemen everywhere.

I recovered a fumble once as a sophomore JV offensive lineman. As a rule, I don't think I could have advanced it even if I was able to, but I certainly was thinking about it.

Anyway, a fine win for Kennewick to put them at 4-1 overall and 2-1 in the CBBN 3A. They'll travel to Fran Rish next Friday to face Hanford.