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A humorous start to college football season

The Wall Street Journal, purveyor of all things financial, has branched out into the sports world. In anticipation of college football season, the fine folks there have created a graphic called the "College Football Grid of Shame." How embarrassed (or proud) should you be of your favorite team?

WSU fans should be somewhat happy to note that while the Cougs are situated in the more shameful side of the grid, they're less of a "projected weakling" than the Idaho Vandals just across the border. And at least they're not New Mexico, which is at the extreme end of the "projected weakling" group. Fans of the Lobos should peel off the window stickers, according to the WSJ.

How about the Washington Huskies? Though their season appears more promising than the Cougs, apparently they're more embarrassing than WSU. Maybe it's the Sarkisian effect. Everything a USC-connected coach seems to touch turns into something smelly.

As for Oregon ... oh, the Ducks. They're projected powerhouses, but their off-field scandals have made them more humiliating than the Cougs and Huskies. Something tells me Duck fans won't care much if Oregon ends up winning a national championship this season. Plus, they're not as bad as Miami or Ohio State.


The Cougs start their season against Idaho State at 2 p.m. Saturday at Martin Stadium. The game will not be televised, but you can listen to it on KONA 610 AM, KGDC 1320 AM and KBSN 1470 AM. The Associated Press wrote today about how the Cougs are favored to beat the Bengals, but after last year's one-point home win over Montana State — when the Cougs rallied from 15 points down — I'm not sure how confident Wazzu fans really are. But then again, this is a new season.