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Shoutout time

As part of our weeklong high school football preview, I interviewed Kennewick High School senior quarterback Bryce Leavitt. He has a message to deliver, and while I thought about working it into my story, it just didn't seem to fit. So here's the message:

"I love to play nickelback for coach Slagle."

There you go, coach Slagle. Hope you appreciate the special delivery.

As for Bryce, he represents everything a student-athlete should be. He's strong in the classroom — apparently, his math skills are frighteningly good, according to coach Bill Templeton. He's extremely good at prioritizing his time. After all, how else could he be an all-area basketball player and still maintain a 3.6 grade-point average? He got up early this summer to fit in some shooting time before football practice. How many of us say we'll wake up at an ungodly hour to go to the gym yet hit the snooze button?

Even bigger than Bryce's talent or academic skill is his character. He's an unselfish teammate, and he's willing to lend a hand, on or off the field. Between practices, he and senior running back Grant Woods helped a teacher move into her new classroom.

I've interviewed some athletes who impress me with their ability to balance more things than a clown juggling clubs on a unicycle. Bryce has taken on a new role as Kennewick's starting quarterback, and something tells me he'll handle it like a pro.