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The secret to Connell's success

There are many reasons the Connell football team has been to four of the last five state championship games.

From a lot of really good skill players, to a few kids with the last name Hadley, to a lot of hard work.

But the real secret to their success may have been discovered Thursday.

As a way to shake things up on picture day — a practice that coach Wayne Riner thinks is pretty much a waste as it is — Riner and his staff built a makeshift slip-and-slide on the side of a hill going down to the soccer field.

At the end of practice on this 97-degree day, the entire team took turns sailing down the hill on their stomachs, backs, feet, in dogpiles, in pretty much whatever way you can imagine.

The coaches even joined in (I, however, did not, despite some random kid — who probably thought I was a transfer student — urging me to).

Nothing like keeping things a little loose to break up the grind of fall camp.