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On the road again -- with Stanley

It's Sunday afternoon and I just finished stories for Monday's paper. I wrote them last night after the game -- finishing my story on Pat Quinn at 2:15 in the morning. With that said, I knew they needed a second look. Good thing I did.

I was jotting down a list of things to do before I leave in the early morning hours Tuesday for Vancouver. On this list, is to get books on tape from the library, get my husband hockey tickets for the rest of the playoffs and laminate Stanley.

I can see all the questionable looks on your faces.

Stanley is Stanley Lambchop of the Flat Stanley books. My niece Camryn is in the second grade and she sent me Stanley to take on an adventure. They want to know where he goes, how far that is from their hometown, maybe a few pictures and postcards. I just think Stanley, who is about 10 inches tall, made of paper and colored with Crayons, would travel better if he had a new suit of laminate. You know women, we love to shop!

A project like this can be a lot of fun. I've already sent two notes back to the school and have postcards to send back once we've been to Ellensburg and the border. We'll get more in Vancouver. We have plans to go to a hockey game or two, pick up a momento and hopefully make an 8-year-old girl smile. There are 17 kids in her class (mind you, this is a farming community of 160 people) and the note from the teacher said "we would love to get anything back!"

This lady will be overloaded by the time I get back on Friday. She'll be afraid to look in her mailbox.

Stanley is due back at school May 14. With that kind of deadline, Stanley and I could make a trip to Calgary or Brandon. Good thing Stanley has a passport.