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Americans-Giants Game1

We're all done here at Toyota Center. The Giants take Game 1 4-2 depsite being outshot 44-23.

Not a pretty sight, but Game 2 is Saturday with hopefully a different outcome.

Well, everything I tried to tell you after the first period got eaten and sent into cyberspace. Sorry about that, but I have no control over that and no time to write it all again.

To catch you up, Tyler Schmidt scored twice in the first for Tri-City for a 2-1 lead.

The Giants came out in the second and scored twice in less than 4 minutes to take a 3-2 lead. Americans are outshooting the Giants 25-18, but Mark Segal is playing one of his better games in the playoffs.

In the East, Brandon beat Calgary 4-2. Go Wheat Kings.


The teams are about to take the ice. I see Drew Owsley standing in the tunnel waiting for the clock to wind down to the appropriate time. The kid has played so well in the playoff. I really believe this series will come down to goaltending and Owsley is on top of his game. But who am I?

The Americans are back in home white. The jerseys arrived a couple of weeks ago, but Paula Ward needed time to get the names and numbers on them. I was partial to the blue, but the Americans won plenty of games at home in white. Let there be no superstitions.

As you guessed, Owsley is starting in goal for the Americans. On the scratch list is Drydn Dow, Spencer Humphries, Riley McIntosh, Nils Moser and Neal Prokop.

Mark Segal is in goal for the Giants, while on the scratch list are J.T. Barnett and Wes Vannieuwenhuizen (this kid has 16 letters in his last name — apparently 12 or more gets you a seat in the stands).

In the house with us tonight are Rick Doerksen (the No. 2 man at the WHL) and Kevin Muench, the WHL director of officiating. Send all complaints to Kevin — there is a link on the WHL site. Rick handed out an interesting stat Thursday at the media conference — in the first round of the playoffs, 38 of the 68 games were won by the visiting team. In the second round, 16 of 23 games were won on the road.

For those keeping track of the Eastern Conference finals, Brandon and Calgary are tied at 1 with 2 minutes to play in the first period.

I'll be back later.