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Hail! Caesar

No trip to Kelowna is complete without a trip to one of the local watering holes with Doyle from The Daily Courier. We’ve been doing this since my first trip here many years ago.

Tuesday night, we ended up at Kelly O’Bryan’s Neighborhood Restaurant on Bernard Ave. As you guess it, it was an Irish Pub, the servers wore kilts and the atmosphere was fun.

The drink of the day was a Caesar. I’m usually the Coors Light kinda gal (with a limit of one), but our server made it sound pretty tasty, so I gave it a try.

For those who are not familiar with this drink (I was not), this is how it’s made.

Rim your glass with celery salt (nothing else will do, I was told)

Add ice

pour in 1 1/2 oz of vodka

fill rest of the way with clamato juice

add three dashes each of Tabasco and Worcestershire sauce

top off with a pickled green veggie — they added long pickled green beans to ours, but you can also use pickled asparagus. I was instructed to eat one of my green beans before I had a drink. Very tasty.

I was a little leery of the vodka — thought for sure I’d be seeing Caesar’s ghost — but all is well.

It’s a little dark and gloomy this morning, but I’m hoping it will turn into a nice day. Catch you later at the rink.