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A Cougar-rific time was had in Pullman

This weekend, my husband and I traveled to Pullman to see the WSU men's basketball team take on Washington at Beasley Coliseum.

What. A. Game.

We had nosebleed seats — second row from the top — but I prefer to sit high up. It's much easier to see what kind of defense the teams are running and who is on the court. We also had a clear view of Faisal Aden, who has been a revelation this season. His stat line was solid — 15 points, four assists, a steal and a block — but he got in the Huskies' faces all night. He kept poking the ball away, making UW work for the shot. He probably had three near-steals.

Klay Thompson's fluidity was impressive. He didn't seem to work very hard for his 25 points. However, his free-throw issues at the end were puzzling. Was he rushing his shot? Was it nerves? Had UW mounted a greater charge, those four bricked front-end shots in the final 1:33 could have decided the game. The 87-80 final score felt a little too close for comfort.

Meanwhile, Reggie Moore's monster dunk in the second half will go down as one of the all-time great plays in WSU history. When Aden threw back to him for the alley-oop that capped a 10-1 run, the crowd went bananas, and it was the dagger in the hearts of the UW fans behind us.

One of the moments that got people talking was unrelated to what was happening on Friel Court. Wazzu's student section chanted "No means no" in relation to the UW player who is the subject of a sexual assault investigation involving a 16-year-old girl. It took a little time for me to figure out what the fans were yelling because my husband and I were on the other side of the arena, but I thought it crossed the line. "@!*$ the Huskies" isn't a classy chant, either, but it isn't making light of a serious situation. I hope they don't bring that chant over to Seattle for the rematch later this month.