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Mid-Columbia wrestling rankings

Here are the final regular-season rankings for Mid-Columbia wrestlers. The last set of rankings will be released following the Oregon state tournament Feb. 25-26, with the Tri-City Herald's All-Area team the following week.


1. Payton Manthei, Richland

2. Chris Montelongo, Chiawana

3. Isaac Aguilar, Hermiston

4. Anthony Barrera, Othello

5. Jesse Barajas, Sunnyside

Notes: No movement here. Montelongo didn’t wrestle when Richland and Chiawana met up ... Manthei was pinned by Davis’ Alexio Garcia, one of top guys in the state ... Aguilar placed sixth at Reser’s and got a convincing 7-1 win over Pendleton’s Colton Skeen ... Barrera can’t be penalized for losing 3-2 to Grandview’s Rodriguez at 112.


1. Josh Andrews, Richland

2. Javier Tapia, Warden

3. Santos Guerrero, Sunnyside

4. Michael Hosfield, Kennewick

5. Ricky Vinson, Southridge

Notes: Vinson is new to the rankings, getting a late start to the season and dropping down from 125 and placing second at Clearwater Classic ... Tapia was second at Apple Pie Invite, losing 15-14 state vet Chris Douglas of Rogers (Spokane) ... If Vinson hadn’t gotten down to 112, Riverside’s Gustavo Madrigal would have moved up, ranked No. 2 in Oregon 3A with a 20-2 record.


1. JP Martinez, Warden

2. Kyler Mars, Richland

3. Nathan Gonzalez, Sunnyside

4. David Gonzales, Kiona-Benton

5. Hernan Serra, Connell

Notes: Gonzales drops down from 125 ... Martinez won Apple Pie Invite ... Mars had a couple of big wins but was upset by Wenatchee’s Joe Cordes 5-2 ... Beau Gleed is back in Moses Lake’s lineup and may well top the rankings after state.


1. Tyler Berger, Hermiston

2. Irving Jaimez, Prosser

3. Danny Barajas, Royal

4. Brandon Gonzalez, Chiawana

5. Robert Mendoza, Pasco

Notes: Mendoza moves into top five following fourth-place finish at Clearwater Classic plus 4-2 win over Sunnyside’s Daniel Guillen. Richland’s Nick Sargent and Moses Lake’s Brad Fox are waiting for anyone to slip up ... Berger, a freshman, is dominating Oregon wrestling with a title at Reser’s and a 10-4 victory over Sherwood’s Connor Clarke, the Pac Coast champ and ranked No. 1 in Oregon 5A at 125 (Berger is No. 1 at 119) ... Barajas edged David Gonzales 7-6.


1. Joey Delgado, Hermiston

2. Nick Garcia, Chiawana

3. Matt McCallum, Kiona-Benton

4. Isaac Guerrero, Sunnyside

5. Hugo Mabry, Pasco

Notes: Delgado is close to untouchable, named the outstanding wrestler after winning the title at Reser’s. He also beat Sandy’s Nathan Maples, ranked No. 3 in Oregon 5A, 6-0 ... Garcia scored a clean 15-0 tech fall bumping up to 140 and lost to Utecht 9-6 at 135.


1. Dustin Utecht, Richland

2. Chance Watt, River View

3. Isidro Ramirez, Sunnyside

4. Derrick Cooley, Kamiakin

5. Laddy Goroski, Royal

Notes: Utecht suffered his first loss to a non-state champ this season, falling 5-2 to Hanford’s Owens at 145. He followed that with a pair of 16-0 tech falls and the win over Chiawana’s Garcia ... Watt bumped up to 140 for a 12-2 win ... Cooley moves up a spot after placing second at Tahoma Mat Classic at 140 ... Pasco’s Gilbert Mendoza is waiting in the wings.


1. Herson Rodriguez, Moses Lake

2. Fabian Scotto, Hermiston

3. Matt Jordan, Othello

4. Emmanuel Tejeda, Sunnyside

5. Conner Rosane, Southridge

Notes: Same five, but Scotto has too many quality wins to not move up a peg after beating three of the top-five ranked guys in Oregon 5A plus placing fifth at Reser’s ... Rosane is wrestling well with pins of Cooley and Kennewick’s Brock Schuh, but Tejeda still owns a 6-5 decision between the two from back in December.


1. Nico Moreno, Moses Lake

2. Abraham Rodriguez, Hermiston

3. Matt Owens, Hanford

4. Cody Rush, Pasco

5. Will McNamara, Southridge

Notes: Without question the toughest weight to rate. The top two both have big wins, Rodriguez coming off his Reser’s win and Moreno scoring a 9-4 win over Mead’s Tyler McLean at Dream Duals ... Figuring out the final three is even tougher, easily going eight deep with state-level guys. There may not be any difference between Owens and Rush, McNamara and Owens have traded decisions, and Sunnyside’s David Vidales has a pin over McNamara. Also, Prosser’s Ethan Groom has a close loss to Owens and a big win over Vidales, and Chiawana’s Daniel Ramirez is in the discussion.


1. Bryce McMahon, Hermiston

2. Josh Romero, Sunnyside

3. Eddie Garza, Othello

4. Alex Myrick, Royal

5. Lonnie Hurley, Pasco

Notes: No changes ... McMahon won the title at Reser’s and dominated Sandy’s Kyle Bateman, ranked No. 5 in Oregon 5A, in a 16-4 match ... Romero topped West Valley’s Preston Baich, cutting down to 145 to take on the 3A’s top-ranked wrestler. If Romero stays down there, it is a big power shift and could force other wrestlers to re-evaluate their best shot at state. ... Chiawana’s James Garza had a strong week, finishing second at Tahoma Mat Classic, and could soon join the party.


1. Sisto Santana Pina, Kamiakin

2. Matt Kilsdonk, Hermiston

3. Joe Traverso, Hanford

4. Jacob Rae, Connell

5. Jaime Garcia, Sunnyisde

Notes: Pina wrestled at 171 most of the season, taking second at Tahoma at that weight. He also handed Traverso a 13-5 loss ... Kilsdonk has 4-3 win over Hood River’s Jorday Mallon, ranked fifth in Oregon 5A.


1. Brigham Hansen, Riverside

2. Amando Deleon, Othello

3. Jeffrey Christensen, Pasco

4. Sam Johnson, Hermiston

5. Damien Delarosa, Royal

Notes: Hansen is 27-0 with six tourney titles to his credit this season and is close to a lock for a third Oregon 3A state title ... Deleon scored a 3-1 win over Ellensburg’s Tyler Coates, one of the best in the 2A ranks ... Christensen has pins in his last three league duals.


1. Curtis Berger, Hermiston

2. Garrett Whitney, Kiona-Benton

3. Adam Hansen, Warden

4. Alberto Vargas, Othello

5. Jonathan Perales, Moses Lake

Notes: Another weight overflowing with talent and getting crowded as guys drop down from 215. ... Berger is the gold standard, closing in on his third Oregon 5A state title. He placed third at Reser’s against a loaded field ... Hansen won the Apple Pie Invite ... Vargas has 3-2 win over Grandview’s Adam Morales, who is dropping down from 215. ... Pasco’s Hector Jimenez also is in the mix, as could be Richland’s Atwell, who is ranked at 215 but who got down to 189 for a pair of wins last week.


1. Brian Chamberlain, Moses Lake

2. Adam Sauceda, Chiawana

3. Joey Gomez, Othello

4. Mitch Atwell, Richland

5. Damian Martinez, Hermiston

Notes: With Morales moving down to 189, Martinez moves into the open spot ... Chamberlain still one of the best in the nation ... Sauceda ventured up to 285 and was pinned by Richland’s Simpson ... Atwell is scoring big team points in the Bombers’ one-two punch at the bottom of the lineup.


1. Kabe Fluaitt, Moses Lake

2. Brady Simpson, Richland

3. Adam Peters, Sunnyside

4. Albert Torres, Pasco

5. Kevin Dopps, Hermiston

Notes: Fluaitt making short work of opponents as he works toward repeat state title. Simpson and Peters give area three of the top big guys in the state ... Torres wrestled a close match with Peters until getting thrown and pinned in the final seconds ... Dopps moves into the fifth spot after placing sixth at Reser’s ... David Kerr has alternated with Torres in Pasco’s lineup and placed second at Clearwater Classic.