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Craker's random thoughts

I went out to Benton City on Saturday to watch the Connell vs. Kiona-Benton girls basketball game. The winner was going to win the 1A SCAC East title and it was shaping up to be a great matchup halfway through the second quarter.

Needless to say it got ugly quick and Connell ran away with a 52-24 victory.

Now for some random thoughts:

1. Don’t use Google Maps when looking up how to get to high schools in random towns you’ve been to. The Google gives you the shortest possible route, so then you find yourself driving through an orchard on a pitch black, foggy night and coming into the high school parking lot via a dirt road. *@&%!@ Google.

2. Connell football coach Wayne Riner always wears shorts during football games, no matter how cold it is. He said it was a challenge from some of his players in the past. Yet, Riner was wearing pants at the basketball game Saturday. What the heck, Wayne? So, it’s 9 degrees out and you are rocking shorts, but it is 100 degrees in a packed gymnasium and you are wearing pants? I couldn’t find him in between the games to figure out this conundrum. So, we’re left in the dark.

3. Coming off of I-82 onto the 395 exit in Kennewick, you do go on a wrap around ramp back over the freeway. I’ve never been on that road tonight. It was extremely foggy and I almost drove off the road. Hey, city of Kennewick or state of Washington or whoever, feel free to put some lights on that freaking bridge.

4. Kiona-Benton might need to get an adult to run the shot clock button. They had a high school kid doing it and he didn’t come back for the first 5 minutes of the third quarter, causing great chaos on press row. When he finally did show up, he claimed he didn’t hear the buzzer and that it didn’t matter because the quarter had just started.

5. Driving on the freeway between Seattle and Boise twice a year growing up, I always saw Benton City and the naked bridge abutments in the river there. I always wondered what happened to that bridge. Noticed it again tonight when I was driving into town — right before The Google sent me into the orchards. *@&%!@ Google.