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Leftovers from Wednesday's CBC basketball

It was great to see Ed Weidenbach on Wednesday night at Columbia Basin College.

Ed is now an assistant coach at Wenatchee Valley, where his son Coby is the head men’s coach.

Ed Weidenbach was CBC’s men’s basketball coach for a time in the 1980s and 1990s, and he led the Hawks to the NWAACC title in 1990. What made that team so special was that he did it with mostly Tri-City talent.

Weidenbach has had his health problems over the last few years (he uses a cane to help with his balance).

But he enjoys working with Coby.

“It’s great to watch him,” he said. “But I don’t like the games.”

That’s because Ed has to stifle himself and not yell out encouragement or criticism on account he could raise his blood pressure.

“Then the doctor might not let me sit on the bench,” he said.

Weidenbach has a big honor coming up Saturday, when he’ll be inducted into the Northwest Nazarene University Athletic Hall of Fame.

“It’s gonna be great to see everybody, especially the players,” he said. “They’re the big reason (I’m going into the hall).”

w CBC women’s coach Cheryl Holden spent a longer than usual time in her team’s locker room after the Hawks routed Wenatchee Valley 78-51.

“I had Jim Rodgers speak to the team after the game,” she said.

Rodgers was the men’s basketball coach at CBC in the 1960s, and his 1963-64 squad that went 27-0 and won the state JC title is being inducted into the CBC Hall of Fame tonight (Thursday).

Rodgers was inducted into the hall last year, and he proved to be an entertaining speaker. So those people attending tonight’s event will get a chance to hear him speak again.

w Tina Miller, the former Kamiakin standout point guard, is still sidelined with a stress fracture.

Imagine how good the CBC women’s basketball team — already 15-0 — will be when she comes back to play.

w Perhaps this doesn’t mean anything. But the CBC women won an NWAACC title in 2005. Three years later in 2008, they won it again. Here we are, three years later, 2011, and the Hawks are the top-ranked team in the NWAACC and 15-0.