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Wilgosh gets the job done

Mason Wilgosh is one of those players who will do anything for the good of the team.

Friday, the veteran forward was moved off the line of Adam Hughesman and Brendan Shinnimin to make room for Carter Ashton.

Wilgosh, who played his 200th WHL game Friday, joined the line of Kruise Reddick and Connor Rankin and had an assist on Kruise's goal. He also made an outstanding play on the penalty kill in the third period, going down and blocking a shot with his midsection, then reaching out and sweeping the puck out of the zone.

"That is why he is such a valuable player to us," said Ams coach Jim Hiller. "His valuable is found other places than just the score sheet. When he makes plays like that, it becomes contagious."

As for moving Wilgosh to another line?

"I like Willie and Kruise together," Hiller said. "They are tenacious."