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Zamora traded wrestling for basketball

You find the most interesting things if you ask the right questions.

Today I found out that Chiawana junior Miquiyah Zamora was a wrestler up until middle school. That's when he gave up the sport to play basketball in the sixth grade.

He said when he wasn't sure about the decision at first. Zamora was the first in his family to play basketball, and his inexperience showed on his first day at practice way back when.

"I was not very good," he admitted, laughing at the memory. But he stuck with it because it was what a lot of his friends were playing at the time. Seeing where he is on the hardwood now, it's easy to believe he made the right decision.

Still, it's fun to think about the possibilities if he had stayed with wrestling.

"I get that once in a while, but I wouldn't change anything," Zamora said.

I talked to the Herald's wrestling writer Kevin Anthony about that and we agreed that Zamora would be quite a terror on the mats. He's listed at 190 in football, which might put him at either 171 or possibly even 160. His strength and quickness would definitely set him apart, and he's got a competitive motor that would keep him going at a very high level.

I asked Zamora if he thought he could show the Chiawana wrestlers a thing or two, and he wisely didn't take the bait.

"I don't know about teaching them anything, but I could probably get a couple takedowns in," he said.

He still shows some affinity for the sport and for coach Jack Anderson's program.

"I talk to the wrestlers a lot to see how they're doing. I like Anderson, too," Zamora said of the former collegiate wrestler at Central Washington who now trains as a mixed martial arts fighter. "I watched him fight once. He's really tough."