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Grading the goalie

It's that time of year, where I hand out mid-season grades for the Americans.

I used to hate this task, but the year I gave Aaron Boogaard a 'D', he thanked me, and since then I just sit here and type away. I said Aaron wasn't putting out an honest effort. He said it made him take a good look at his game. There were no hard feelings.

Today, you get a chance to play teacher and give goalie Drew Owsley a grade that reflects his performance so far this year. I have provided you with a little cheat sheet to help you make an informed decision.

Drew Owsley — Last year, he was the toast of the town. Western Conference finals MVP. He had some of the best numbers in the league as a first-year starter. This season, he’s struggled a bit. He is 16-10-0-1 in 27 games (he was 33-11-1-1 last year). He ranks 11th in GAA (2.87), is eighth in save percentage (.912) and tied for sixth with 16 wins. This season there have been too many soft goals and too much daylight between the pads. He’s played better as of late and there’s still plenty of time to turn things around.