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The houses the Ams built: vote for your favorite

The Americans participate in many charitable events throughout the year, but it’s fun to see how creative they are when it comes to building gingerbread houses.

For most, I think scoring goals or keeping the puck out of the net is easier than trying to get walls to stick together with frosting and create a winter wonderland vision Martha Stewart would approve of.

Some went a little crazy with the coconut, others were a little sparse with the decorations and some were very neat and tidy.

Captain Kruise Reddick, had a creative design on his roof, while Tyler Schmidt had his No. 23 as part of the decorations. Jordan Messier created his No. 19 in one of the windows with marshmallows. Rookie goalie Chris Driedger apparently thought that less is more when it came to decorations (or he ate them, take your pick).

Here are eight of the creations from the gingerbread house construction site at U.S. Cellular in Pasco. Vote for your favorite (I’ll share the results next week when the votes are tallied).