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Scenes from a bowling alley

After his scores Sunday afternoon, Tanner Olstad might want to think of trading in his hockey stick for a bowling ball.

During the Americans' annual bowling with the Booster Club event at Spare Time Lanes in Kennewick, Olstad rolled a high game of 191 and the best series among the players at 440.

David Conrad had a 174 in the first game, while Drew Owsley rolled a 156 and Brooks Macek a 150 in the second game. In the final game, Brooks had a 183 while Marcus Messier had a 153.

In a battle between the Messier brothers — Jordan and Marcus — Little Mess bested his brother by 39 pins on the day. Here's how it all went down:

Game 1 — Marcus 117, Jordan 100

Game 2 — Jordan 132, Marcus 130

Game 3 — Marcus 153, Jordan 129.

I'm sure Little Mess smack talked his brother a bit — to which I'm sure Big Mess came back with a remark about playing time or goals scored. Nothing like a little sibling rivalry to brighten up the day.