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Baby, it's cold outside

Just covered a girls soccer game between Kamiakin and Southridge at Southridge High School.

There's something about that place that makes me really appreciate the heater in my car, which honestly doesn't get the credit it deserves.

Today it did.

A brisk wind whipping in off the south hills added to the already chilly conditions, making south Kennewick a very cold place to be. The first thing I did was grab a cup of hot chocolate from the concession stand and headed for the stands.

Usually, I will sit in the grandstand and chart the game in my notebook, standing up to — ignoring, even — the harshest of elements.

But today, I cowered in the face of mother nature and traipsed upstairs to find some cover. The icy autumn winds were no match for the four sturdy walls of the press box.

Weather 1, Jack 0.