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In honor of his grandfather

A touching story out of Vancouver

Brendan Gallagher is putting his money where his heart is.

The Vancouver Giants winger fought back the tears as best he could Tuesday in the midst of announcing he was going to donate $20 for every Giants' victory this season to prostate cancer research. It's in honour of his grandfather Matt, who had died early Tuesday morning in a hospital in Edmonton after a lengthy battle with the disease. He was 74.

“He was such a strong, positive person and he obviously taught my dad a lot,” the Montreal Canadiens prospect said, pointing to Ian Gallagher, the Giants strength and conditioning coach. “He taught me a lot, too. For me to do this for him, it's really nothing. Everything he's given me is way more valuable.”

The Giants are going to donate $100 for every goal Gallagher gets this season, and they plan to have a link on their website where fans can donate to cancer research in his family's name.