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Hiller not a done deal yet

Rumors and Internet postings have Jim Hiller as the next coach of the Americans.

A couple of days ago, I said he was the likely candidate, but a call to Hiller himself Friday night brought things to a screeching halt. Hiller said he’s been interviewed (he's one of five I know of that have talked with GM Bob Tory), had a follow-up conversation, but has not been offered the job.

Tory did not return my calls or text message Friday night, albeit I did call kinda late. He may be taking a bit of time to make sure he brings in the right man and didn’t need me invading his thoughts. Or, he could be in Hawaii soaking up the sun.

Whatever the case may be, a decision is coming soon. The season starts sooner than later and tickets for the preseason arrived in mailboxes this week.

My 2 cents is still on Hiller, but the deal ain’t done until until the pen hits the paper.