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Dust Devils staff gets new digs

I stepped into the Dust Devils new administrative office just outside of Gesa Stadium.

It's a lot more spacious than the ticket office, which up to last season housed at least eight staffers. The new office it about three times the size of the old place.

Patrick Swayze didn't do half as much dirty dancing as the Dust Devils staff used to in that office on an average work day. I've seen New York City apartments bigger than the Dust Devils ticket offices. But even NYC apartments have their own bathrooms, for goodness sake.

I have to admit, there wasn't the same warm, fuzzy feeling I used to get when I walked into a room buzzing with such a great, cohesive staff in close quarters. As a person who values personal space, I know the staff certainly deserved to have a little bit more room.

So, for as much as the Dust Devils' staff has given to the team and to their fans, it's good to see them get a little something back in return.