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Dust Devils staff, players to arrive Sunday

A quick note, sports fans:

A plane will be arriving Sunday at 12:30 p.m. at Pasco airport that should be carrying Dust Devils manager Fred Ocasio, hitting coach Anthony Sanders, pitching coach Darryl Scott and trainer Andy Stover.

I don't know flight numbers, but an inside source told me as much. So if you feel like extending a nice Tri-Cities greeting to the incoming Dust Devils coaching and training staff, be there or be square.

As far as players arriving, the source told me that most will be arriving by automobile at various hours of the day. I couldn't tell you when or where. But a player's got to have his ride, you know?

Speaking of which, pitcher Rod Scurry had some pretty sweet wheels last season, a behemoth Dodge Ram 2500 pickup. He'll be with the club again this year, so I wonder if anyone will give him a run for hottest car.

Technically, I think Scurry's truck would have to be classified as a tank.

BTW, first workouts will begin Monday.