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Should the Seahawks reunite Vick and Mora?

Now that Michael Vick has been released from prison and will spend the remaining two months of his 23-month sentence for running a dogfighting ring out of his home, the burning question is "Who will give him a chance to quarterback in the NFL again?"

Let’s assume the NFL will clear him to play, which will likely happen.

Where will he go?

ESPN’s John Clayton mentioned Thursday that the Seahawks are one of four teams that could give him the chance.

Jim Mora Jr., the new Seahawks head coach, was Vick’s coach in Atlanta.

Mora was silent on the issue Thursday. But think about it. Matt Hasselbeck has become fragile during the past year, and backup Seneca Wallace didn’t inspire confidence in the fan base after a 4-12 season.

So it wouldn’t be a reach to bring in Vick. After all, he’s been out of the game for two years, and it would take him a while to get back into NFL-game shape.

What’s great about this country is that people get second chances.

However, Vick’s involvement in dogfighting brings out emotions so strong in some people that in their minds he will never to be able to do anything right again.

Whichever signs him will have a public relations nightmare on their hands.

But in the NFL, where teams seem to lose starting quarterbacks to injury at a high rate (i.e., Hasselbeck, Carson Palmer, Tom Brady in 2008), a good quarterback who can help a team win cures a lot of ills.

And mark my words. If Vick can help a team win, a lot of that team's fans will forgive him.

Me? I think the Seahawks should avoid signing him. It’s not worth the PR problems.

What do you think?