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Odds are you'll love the Palazzo in Vegas

Just got back from a very, very short trip to Las Vegas with my wife.

So short, in fact, I didn’t have time to see my good friend, former Herald staffer Bill Bowman, who lives there. This was just a quick Christmas present for the two of us.

My wife and I saw two shows -- one very good (Jersey Boys) and one very bad (Criss Angel Believe).I also got to see what has to be the best sports book ever at the Palazzo.

This thing has stadium seating with couches galore on both sides of the sportsbook. It has numerous high-defenition TVs of various sizes, a bar down in front of one of the stadium setups, side lounges fully enclosed so you and 20 of your closest friends can watch sports in private, and an outdoors lounge with plenty of TVs.

This is all set in a restaurant so you can eat while watching.

It was all just incredible.

Meanwhile, I took a peak at the futures odds.

After the Yankees picked up Mark Teixeira last week, they suddenly have become the favorite to win the 2009 World Series at 3-to-1 odds. Boston is next at 5-to-1, while the Cubs are at 6-to-1.

Oh, the Mariners? Place $20 on them at 100-to-1, and if they happen to win everything next October, you’re looking at a $2,000 payday.

Worst odds are 150-to-1 for the Washington Nationals.

As for the 2009 NFL regular season, the Seahawks are at 35-to-1 odds to win the NFC title, and 75-to-1 to win the Super Bowl.

Four teams -- the Giants, Steelers, Cowboys and Patriots -- each are at 8-to-1 to win the 2010 Super Bowl.