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State coaches bestow honor on our Senor Ferran

SEATAC -- Most sports writers I know, including the ones who work at the Herald, don't do their jobs to get rich.

Not in the newspaper business anyway.

They, in fact, do their jobs because they love the work. They love going to sports events and writing about them, about the individual athletes.

So it’s always nice when a little love is thrown a sports writer’s way.

Last Saturday at SeaTac, our own René Ferrán was honored by the Washington State Baseball Coaches Association when he was given the Jim Reding Award.

The award, named after the long-time Seattle Times high school sports coordinator who passed away unexpectedly in 2004, is given to a member of the media whose dedication to high school sports is outstanding -- in this case, baseball.

Anyone who has worked beside René knows how dedicated he is on a busy high school sports night. He has an uncanny ability to track down the coach who hasn’t called in his results, whether he’s at home or in the back room at Miner’s in Yakima munching on a hamburger.

It's all to make sure that you, the reader, get the latest results from the previous evening.

Reñe is the perfect example of a guy who after all these years -- he started at the Herald in 1995 -- still loves what he does.

This was a well-deserved award.

# # #

Besides René’s award, the coaches association inducted three more coaches into their baseball hall of fame -- Rodger Anderson of Lake Stevens, Ron Brooks of Shadle Park, and our good friend Jerry Powell from Warden.

Richland’s Brett Jacobs was also named the coaches association’s Player of the Year. Ed Rhoades of the Columbia Basin Umpires Association was the Umpire of the Year.