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Crew might be the toughest sport

As I think about all the extra pounds I’ve put on over the years, I’ve been thinking about the sports that can take them off quickly.

I knew back in high school that I couldn’t eat or drink too much in either football or basketball, or I would pay for it in practice (especially in the lungs). It didn’t seem to be a problem in baseball.

But I remember while at basketball practice a wrestler who would put on the rubber suit and run lap after lap around the gym, just trying to make weight. It wasn’t safe, but I admired him for the effort he put in.

At that time, I thought that wrestling might be the toughest sport to train for.

A year later while a freshman at WSU, I had a roommate in my fraternity who was a member of the crew team. I went with him on a couple of the team’s workouts. I staggered home.

These guys pounded the weights, then ran the stadiums steps at Martin Stadium for 90 minutes. I kid you not. To this day, I think crew is the toughest sport to train for.

Am I right? Am I wrong?

Tell me so and why.