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Go play outside

One of the biggest reasons to love this area is the chance to do things outdoors.

For me, that’s golf. I try to play twice a week with my buddies, but am lucky if I get out once.

I’ve been lucky to play golf in Las Vegas, Costa Rica, Mexico and Hawaii. Golf in the Mid-Columbia can be comparable as far as quality of courses. Golf in the Mid-Columbia beats those other places as far as price.

I’ve also had the chance to do some whitewater rafting in the Columbia River Gorge.

As I’ve gotten older, I’ve found myself attracted to other sports rather than the usual baseball, basketball and football things.

I’ve started to hike (taking the trail from Cannon Beach to Seaside was tiring, but a blast). I plan on playing paintball again after having done it 20 years ago. And when I lose this extra weight, I want to skydive.

But right now, the perfect outdoors day for me is playing 18 holes with my pals.

What’s your perfect outdoors day?