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Give me the CBA any day

Someone asked me the other day what were the best sporting events I’ve covered in my 23 years working at the Herald. There have been a lot of them.

But I always enjoyed covering the state wrestling tournament in the Tacoma Dome, and for that matter, the state track meet when it was in Tacoma (I never covered the event when it was held in Pasco).

What made both events so fun was the shear volume of athletes you had to keep track of, the never-ending action, and the individual accomplishments that could be heart-warming, and the failures that could break your heart for the kid who couldn’t get it done.

I really enjoyed the four seasons of covering the Tri-City Chinook CBA franchise. Players on both the Chinook and the visiting teams didn’t hold back when they talked, so I got a lot of good stories.

I remember one game in which a Chinook center, in the middle of a play, turned and cold-cocked the 7-foot center for the Fargo-Moorhead Fever. Of course, he was ejected.

After the game, I asked him why he hit the player.

“He kept pinching my nipples,” he said. “I warned him once, then hit him. Only one person can pinch my nipples, and that’s my wife.”

Only in the CBA.