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What's your favorite sports flick?

I was flipping the channels on TV late last night when I came across the movie Hoosiers. So I watched it for the umpteenth time.

Yet while I think it’s one of the best sports movies ever, it’s not my favorite.

I’ve always liked Eight Men Out, given its cast and the history of the 1919 Black Sox scandal. I’ve also liked Bull Durham and Major League.

What about Caddyshack? Guys my age still spout quotes from the movie on the golf course. I do it, too.

By my all-time favorite sports movie has to be Slap Shot. I remember reading an interview Paul Newman did in the 1980s in which he said it was, to that point, the best movie he did. I think he meant the best time he had working on a movie -- because he’s done better quality movies. But for sheer fun, I can watch this movie over and over.

I know I’m missing some good movies. Help me out.