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Easy to feel sorry for Coach Wulff

A couple of weeks ago I went to Pullman with former Herald sports editor Hec Hancock to watch USC play Washington State.

I feel for WSU coach Paul Wulff, who is living through the season from hell as his players go down to injury one by one, or are so inexperienced or just not good enough to play in the Pac-10.

I have to believe most people are surprised, as I am, to what extent the mess was that Wulff inherited from former coach Bill Doba.

My sister and her husband go to all of the WSU home games, taking their motor home and spending at least two nights in Pullman, giving them a chance to see their only son, who is a student there.

I mentioned before the Portland State game last month that the Cougs actually had a chance to win a game. She replied that it wasn’t about wins and losses anymore; it was about how good the party would be.

Situations alter our goals.

Some of the beat writers who cover the team on a weekly basis liken covering the Cougs to writing an obituary after each game. But they have to come up with a different obit each time.

“A lot of us are looking forward to covering the men’s basketball team,” said one.

Wulff, as he should, will get plenty of time to fix the program. He’ll get some strong recruits over the next few years.

WSU fans were pretty spoiled in the early part of this decade, what with three consecutive 10-win seasons. Wulff will get them back there some day.

The question is, how much of a timetable does he get to get the team back to a bowl game? Four years? Three?


My vote is five years. What’s yours?