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Follow the rules

Before the whining about the refs gets out of hand, there are a couple of new rules to be aware of this season in the WHL that pertain to the location of faceoffs.

1. If a player shoots the puck and it deflects off the goaltender or the crossbar/pipes and goes out of play, the faceoff will take place in the nearest faceoff circle. The same applies if the shot rides the stick of a defending player and goes out of play.

The faceoff would move outside the zone if the player shooting the puck has his shot deflected out of play by one of his own teammates.

2. If a player commits a penalty in the opposing team’s zone, the ensuing faceoff will be placed in the offending player’s zone.

For example, if Tri-City defenseman Eric Mestery was called for holding in Spokane’s zone, the ensuing faceoff would occur in the Americans’ end in a faceoff circle near the goaltender.