Sounders FC

Ljungberg unclear on postseason plans

Sounders FC designated player Freddie Ljungberg stressed Tuesday that he is happy in Seattle.

But he would not say if he met with any English Premier League clubs while in London last week, and he did not rule out playing overseas after this MLS season.

“I haven’t made any plans,” Ljungberg said after training with the Sounders. “I haven’t decided what I want to do after the season. I’m really happy here in Seattle. Of course, there are good clubs that have been mentioned and stuff. We’ll see what happens.”

There had been reports in the international press last week that Arsenal or some other English clubs might be interested in acquiring Ljungberg at the end of the MLS season. The reports coincided with a brief break in the Sounders’ schedule, which Ljungberg spent in London.

Ljungberg implied that he isn’t interested in leaving Seattle, but he didn’t close the door to any arrangement that might allow him to spend his offseason back in the Premiership, where he played for 10 seasons before signing with the Sounders.

“That may be something we have to look into if that’s a possibility, so it all can be fair,” Ljungberg said. “It’s the way it is at the moment, and I just want to emphasize that I’m really happy here.”

Sounders general manager Adrian Hanauer said Monday he has not been contacted by any overseas clubs interested in Ljungberg.

He also said if he is contacted, he would base any decision on what he judges to be in the best interest of Sounders FC.

Don Ruiz, The News Tribune