Tri-City Americans

Ex-Ams captain to help with playoff broadcasts

Prince George Cougars coach Drew Schoneck, who played defense for the Tri-City Americansduring the 1993-94 season, will be doing a little local radio work duringthe Western Hockey League playoffs.

Schoneck, 34, will join Rob Francis on Tuesday and Wednesday for an hour-longpregame program. The broadcasts start at 5:30 p.m., on 97.5 FM before the Americans gamesin Seattle. The two will discuss the playoffs and will take questions from callers.

“I love to talk hockey, and hopefully, I can add some insight,” Schoneck said.“It’s nice to be part of the playoffs picture even though we are out of it.”

Schoneck said he takes pride in once wearing an Americans sweater and isglad to see the franchise on the upswing.

“It’s great to see them have success. It’s been a long time coming for thefans and the community,” he said.

On the upcoming series, Schoneck said, “it should be exciting.”

“This whole (U.S.) division is fun to watch,” Schoneck said. “This divisioncan skate -- that was a big reason we had limited success against them. Ithink Tri-City holds the physical edge and their goaltender (Chet Pickard) couldbe the difference. Top to bottom, there is a reason they won the league —they are a dangerous team.”

Schoneck makes his offseason home in west Pasco, with his wife Lindsy (neeFlowers), a Hanford graduate, and son Connor, 2.