Legion Ball

Titans stay alive; Bandits fall into losers' bracket

Cody Shepherd was a double short of a cycle, Devan Willis had three RBIs and the Twin City Titans beat Centralia Sobe Toyota 15-11 at the AAA American Legion state tournament in Tacoma.

But things weren't so rosy for the Kennewick Bandits, who lost 16-0 to Lakeside Recovery.

"Our pitchers, collectively, had an off day," said Bandits coach Gary Key. "It was bound to happen. And when you rely heavily your offense, like we've done the last two weeks, it's bound to get into a situation where your pitching can't keep you in the game."

The Titans (36-21) play Lakeisde today at 6 p.m., following a 3 p.m. contest between the Bandits (41-17) and the Yakima Valley Pepsi Pak, which defeated the Yakima Beetles 7-4 Monday afternoon.

"In our league series, we split with them," Key said of the Pak. "They won two at our place, we won two at their place."