Hydro Racing

David falters, Mallow flips at Gold Cup

Day one of the 2013 DYC Detroit APBA Gold did everything but follow the racing form. 

When the roostertails settled into the Detroit River, Mike Webster in the 22 Roostertail 55 had his first H1 Unlimited heat victory, and it came on the same course where he survived a devastating accident a year ago.

Kip Brown also scored a heat win in the 95 Spirit of Qatar, and Jimmy Shane was a double winner in the 5 Graham Trucking.

The biggest surprise of the day was the inability of Steve David in the 1 Oh Boy! Oberto to put together four penalty free laps and score a win.  

David had a comfortable lead in Heat 1B when his boat hit a buoy in the tight Roostertail Turn, incurring a one lap penalty. 

The pre-race favorite to win the2013 Gold suffered a similar fate in the last heat of the day. 

David was penalized a lap for not holding his lane coming out of turn two on the first lap of Heat 2B, dropping him from first to fourth.

Shane got the first of his two wins in a penalty filled Heat 1A, snatching the inside lane from J.Michael Kelly in the 37 Miss Beacon Plumbing and driving away from the field.

When the penalties were sorted out, Kelly was second followed by Greg Hopp in the 14 Jarvis Fire Water Repair, Mark Evans in the 57 Fedco and Brown in the 95.

Heat 1B had to be restarted after Ryan Mallow in the 100 Jarvis Property Restoration took flight on the backstretch and did a complete 360, landing right side up. 

Mallow was taken to Detroit Receiving Hospital for X-rays to a sore arm and elbow. 

His crew expects him to be back in the pits today.

The restart was going David’s way until the encounter with the turn buoy.

That penalty combined with others to give Webster his first series heat win.

Tom Thompson in the 11 Peters &May finished second with David third and Jon Zimmerman in the 9 Team RedDOT fourth.

Shane’s second win of the day came in Heat 2A where he was not challenged. 

But Kelly and Zimmerman staged a close battle for second with Kelly’s inside lane and turning ability allowing him to overtake Zimmerman in the final turn.

Webster was fourth, Evans fifth.

In the final heat of the day, the penalty on David gave Brown the win with Thompson second and Hopp third.

David’s fourth place finish left him in seventh place in points for the weekend going into today’s racing.

The veteran Oberto driver remained confident saying, “The boat is running great.  My mistakes were costly but we have plenty of time on Sunday to get the points we need to make the final.”

Sunday heats begin at 8 a.m. PDT with the final set to go at 1 p.m.