Hydro Racing

Hopp wins Unlimited Lights final

Greg Hopp charged past Paul Becker in the near outside lane to win the Graham Trucking Thunder Cup for Unlimited Lights at the Columbia Cup.

Hopp’s UL-15 Happy Go Lucky came from the outside to pass Becker in the identical UL-14 Miss Critical Logic.

Hopp established a commanding lead in the season high points standings with the victory.

Becker finished second, followed by Terry Troxell in the UL-8, Michael Flaherty in the UL-11, and Mike Sadlon in the UL-89.

J. Craig Fletcher missed a buoy in the first turn and had to circle his UL-13 Celtic Racing around to make it up. He finished sixth.

The unlimiteds are taking the course now for the Columbia Cup, and I will have more details of both races coming up.