Hydro Racing

King, U-3 withdraw from Columbia Cup

The most promising weekend of the year for Jimmy King and the U-3 Hoss Mortgage Investors Too has ended with a withdrawal.

King posted a heat victory and two second place finishes — the best performance that the mechanically plagued team has mustered all year. Alas, unspecified problems have forced the team to call it a day.

“We’ve just come up with an issue that we can’t overcome right now — some gremlins that just won’t get off the boat for us," King said.

King said the team will regroup and be ready next weekend for SeaFair in Seattle.

The WD by the U-3 bumps consolation heat winner Bryan Perkins and the U-50 onto the front row.

It also gives his trailer position to Jimmy Shane, who finished second in the consolation heat in the U-7 FormulaBoats.com II.

The final remains scheduled for 4:55 p.m.