Hydro Racing

Villwock moves to top qualifying speed

Good morning. Jeff Morrow here. Got a slow start today, mainly because after spending all day Friday in the pits, I finished the night up at the office, helping the staff get the paper out. But mostly I am getting old, and I don't bounce back very well anymore.

Saw that Dave Villwock in the U-1 Ellstrom Elam Plus took the top spot on the qualifying ladder this morning with a speed of 162.722 mph.

"It went," said Villwock matter-of-factly. "There are some things we don't like. We're still working on trying to get things worked out."

There are still some questions as to whether race officials will stick with three heat races today or two. Right now, 12 of the 13 boats have qualified, with the question as to whether the U-25 Miss Procraft Windows, which arrived in the pits overnight, will qualify.

Villwock's opinion?

"Let's do three," he said. "It just gets everybody through the day."

It's also less crowded.