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Pasco school board recommends vote on CBBN divisions

PASCO — The Pasco School Board on Tuesday recommended that the district’s principals vote to reorganize which Mid-Columbia high schools compete against each other.

The region’s principals will meet Thursday to decide whether to split Mid-Columbia schools into North and South divisions beginning with the 2012-13 school year.

A realignment would mean Tri-City schools wouldn’t have to travel as far as Wenatchee anymore, cutting down on fuel costs and time out of the classroom, said John Morgan, director of operations.

It would also re-ignite crosstown and intracity rivalries, bringing all Tri-City schools back into the same conference.

In light of ongoing state budget cuts, something needs to give, said Superintendent Saundra Hill.

If costs can’t be reduced by cutting down on travel, the district might have to consider having students pay to play on school teams, she said.