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Brazile lassoes Horse Heaven tie-down win

KENNEWICK -- Fresh calves are like kindergartners on the first day of school -- scared.

The tie-down ropers had a devil of a time with their charges Friday at the Horse Heaven Round-Up, but Trevor Brazile, the reigning world champion in the event, said he just sticks with his game plan and sets up the run.

It paid off with the top run of the night at 8.9 seconds.

"Sometimes from the outside looking in, it looks like the guys are doing their job," said Brazile, the only man in rodeo to win more than $4 million. "They are wild. They haven't been touched -- they haven't been domesticated."

Brazile also teamed up with Patrick Smith in the team roping, but came away with a time of 10.1 seconds as Smith failed to lasso both hind legs and received a five-second penalty.

Brothers Kaden and Rhen Richard had the top time of the night at 5.9 seconds. Kaden is the 2010 Team Roping Heading Rookie of the year, and Rhen the Heeler Rookie of the year in 2008.

After only one bull rider made the full 8 seconds Thursday, five had a legal ride Friday with Lucas Guilbeau of Golden Meadow, La., turning in an 85 on a young bull.

"Corey Navarre had him the other night and got a 77 on him," Guilbeau said. "He told me he was good. I showed up and did my job, and God blessed me with a good bull."

While Guilbeau's traveling partner, Chandler Bownds, is sitting 13th in the world standings, Guilbeau has had a tough season, not even breaking in the top 50 in the event.

"It has been a rough year," Guilbeau said. "I talk to my mom (Maloy) everyday and she tells me not to quit. All we have been doing is having fun and living life. It doesn't pay to be mad. You never get those seconds back."

Jesse Wright, one of four Wright brothers in the saddle bronc, will be filling up the gas tank with his paycheck after turning in a score of 83 on Rhonda Blues.

"She was real good," said Wright, who sits second overall in the event. "I blew my swells out of there, but I recovered, got in the middle and it went well from there. This is the best ride I've had this week."

Wright's twin brother Jake finished with a 68, while older brothers Cody (78) and Alex (69) rounded the family affair.

Only three cowboys showed up for the bareback event, with George Gillespie IV taking moon shadow for a 78-point ride.

"I expected a little more (points)," Gillespie said. "The horse was nice. I did what I had to do and my ride felt good. I thought maybe an 82. The main thing is I did my part and had fun. That's all the matters."

Lee Graves had a 5.1-second run to top the field in the steer wrestling, while Jerita Belyea of Hermiston was the only barrel to under 18 seconds, with a 17.92 run.


A memorial service for Brody Beaver, son of eight-time World Champion Joe Beaver and Jenna Beaver will be Sunday in Huntsville Texas. Brody, 20, died Wednesday.

Brazile, who is close to the Beaver family, will be on the road, as will many other cowboys.

"My thoughts and prayers are with Joe and his family," Brazile said. "It's a big loss for our industry. Brody did cutting, he roped and he modeled in New York. The world lost a real special person."

Horse Heaven Round-Up

Benton County Fairgrounds, Kennewick

Bareback — George Gillespie IV (Placerville, Calif.) 78; Luke Creasy (Brownfield, Alberta) 76; Logan Hodson (Telkwa, British Columbia) 69.

Tie-down roping — Trevor Brazile (Decatur, Texas) 8.9; Ryan Fornstrom (Eagle, Idaho) 9.9; Trent Creager (Stillwater, Okla.) 10.2.

Steer wrestling — Lee Graves (Calgary, Alberta) 5.1; Casey Martin (Sulphur, La.) 5.2; Les Shepperson (Midwest, Wyo.) 5.6.

Saddle bronc — Jesse Wright (Milford, Utah) 83; Luke Buterfield (Ponoka, Alberta) 82; Cody DeMoss (Heflin, La.) 82.

Team roping — Kaden Richard and Rhen Richard 5.9; Trevor Brazile and Patrick Smith 10.1.

Barrel racing — Jerita Belyea (Hermiston) 17.92; Jane Melby (Backus, Minn.) 18.07; Danna Stovner (Council, Idaho) 18.07.

Bull riding — Lucas Guilbeau (Golden Meadow, La.) 86; Tag Elliott (Thatcher, Utah) 85; Jake Wade (Alamo, Nev.) 79.