Seattle Seahawks

Seattle hits the road to face Atlanta, here’s what you need to know about the Falcons.

What comes up, must come down.

That is how you can easily sum up last Sunday for the Seattle Seahawks as they lost 30-16 to the Baltimore Ravens.

Now, they face another team of birds as they fly south to face the Atlanta Falcons. However, it is Atlanta who has struggled to get off the ground in 2019. Here’s what you need to know about Seattle’s opponent this week.

Dan Quinn’s last stand?

From a Super Bowl run in 2016 to being canned before November of 2019? That is the reality that Falcons head coach and former Seahawks defensive coordinator Dan Quinn. After another uninspired performance vs. the Los Angeles Rams on Sunday, Mark Bradley of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution pulled no punches in his assessment of Quinn, and the Falcons.

“It’s over. This has become a fait accompli. Whenever Arthur Blank decides to pull the plug — be it this Monday, next Monday headed into the bye week or Black Monday at season’s end — the decision has made itself. Dan Quinn, who came closer to winning a Super Bowl than anyone who hasn’t won a Super Bowl, is no longer capable of steering the Atlanta Falcons to brighter horizons. Heck, he can’t win a game. “

“The Falcons are 1-6. They’ve lost five in a row. Sunday’s 37-10 loss to the Rams was no worse or no better than those that came before, which is the point. The Falcons opened their season by stinking out the joint in Minneapolis. Six weeks later, they still stink. “

I mean, he’s not wrong. If you’ve seen the Falcons the last few weeks, you’d see a team who is unhappy, frustrated and ready for the season to end. Even Dan Quinn himself looks like he’s out of answers. Five-straight losses, a more than half-empty stadium spells more gloom and doom coming. The only question is will Quinn be around to see it?

Just how bad is it?

We know the Falcons are bad but they’ve at least won a game. Something the Dolphins and Bengals can’t say at this point. Regardless, 1-6 is still very putrid. Especially knowing that Atlanta was up 28-3 just a few years ago in the Super Bowl. Yes, that was a few years ago but to go from that to a team who can’t even draw over half a hometown crowd to face a struggling Rams team is still astounding.

The Julio Jones and Matt Ryan chemistry that seemed to be clicking years ago is now a distant memory, the Atlanta defense can’t get anybody off the field and Devonta Freeman is being carried around by the Rams Aaron Donald and getting ejected for fighting.

To really note how bad the Falcons slide has been is when you look at the point differential since 2017.

The year after the Falcons reached the Super Bowl, they reached the playoffs and bowed out in the divisional round to the Rams, they had a point differential of +38. Last season, finishing 7-9 the Falcons finished with a point differential of -9. This season? Through seven games, Atlanta’s point differential is -78. Clearly this a team that has quit.

Bye-Bye Beasley?

By the time Seattle and Atlanta kick off, Vic Beasley might not even be a member of the Atlanta Falcons. The Pro Bowl linebacker officially went on the trade block shortly after Sunday’s loss to Los Angeles. Beasley, who didn’t start has seen his production drop in previous seasons which doesn’t mesh with his lofty contract (Making 12.8 million in ‘19) that goes through the end of the season.

So far in 2019, Beasley just has 1.5 sacks and a total of 14 tackles.

“If that happens, then it happens,” Beasley said after Sunday’s game. “But right now, I’m still on the team. So, I’m just going to try and continue to help this team win games.’‘

The NFL Trade Deadline is Oct. 29 at 1 p.m. PDT.

See ya, Sanu

The Falcons have basically thrown in the towel.

Early Tuesday, New England traded for Mohamed Sanu for a second round pick in the 2020 NFL Draft. Sanu has had a slow start to the season with just a shade over 330 yards receiving, a touchdown and 33 catches. All of the sudden the second best receiver the Falcons have is gone and Atlanta’s season appears to get more torturous.

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