Prep Wrestling

Hermiston's Delgado wins fourth Inland Empire crown

"Four-timer" is a phrase that is going to be thrown around a lot this season as Joey Delgado makes a bid to become Hermiston's first four-time state champion.

The Oregon State-bound senior got his season off to a fine start Saturday, claiming his fourth Inland Empire title.

Delgado, who hasn't lost a high school match in more than a year, shut out two-time Washington 4A champ Jeremy Golding of Mead 5-0 to win the 145-pound class.

The match was a repeat of their final last year, which Delgado won 9-2.

Still, the Bulldogs did not have their usual strong tournament. The five-time defending Oregon 5A champions left some of their top wrestlers at home because of illness or injury, and Delgado was their only placer.

Likewise for Richland, which also has had strong showings at this top-tier early tourney. Josh Andrew at 120 landed the Bombers' only podium finish, finishing third with a 9-7 overtime decision over Deer Park's Jake Konzal, a two-time state placer and former 2A state champion.

Moses Lake topped the Mid-Columbia teams, finishing fifth but well back of state favorite Mead in first place.

The Chiefs didn't win any titles but got a pair of runner-up finishes: Nico Moreno lost 3-2 to Mead's Tyler McLean at 152, and Jonathan Perales lost 10-2 to Coeur d'Alene's Garrett Demers at 195.

Fernando Leyva (106), Beau Gleed (126) and Brad Fox (132) all placed third for the Chiefs, who finished with seven placers.

At Central Valley

Team scores--Mead 205, Post Falls 194 1/2, Deer Park 180 1/2, Central Valley 156, Moses Lake 123 1/2, University 117 1/2, Shadle Park 109 1/2, Coeur d'Alene 106 1/2, Lakeland 59, Rogers 53, Hermiston 50 1/2, Ellensburg 47 1/2, Cheney 46 1/2, Eisenhower 44 1/2, West Valley (Spo) 40, East Valley (Spo) 34 1/2, Richland 18, Kennewick 15.

Championship matches and Mid-Columbia placers

106--Drake Foster (PF) p. Aaron Klauder (DP) 4:44; 3, Fernando Leyva (ML). 113--Peter Berger (PF) d. Matthew Petrini (Mead) 8-2; 5, Chase Clasen (ML). 120--Blake Beard (CV) d. Keaton Vallance (U-Hi) 9-7 OT; 3, Josh Andrew (Rich). 126--Terrance McKinney (SP) d. Cody Dehn (DP) 6-4 OT; 4, Beau Gleed (ML). 132--Colton Orrino (CV) d. Cole Harris (DP) 10-4; 3, Brad Fox (ML). 138--Joe Grable (DP) m.d. Hudson Staub (CdA) 8-0. 145--Joey Delgado (Herm) d. Jeremy Golding (Mead) 5-0. 152--Tyler McLean (Mead) d. Nico Moreno (ML) 3-2. 160--Chandler Rogers (Mead) m.d. Dylan Miller (DP) 14-5. 170--Cole Jesienouski (PF) d. Sam Voigtlander (Mead) 9-3. 182--Jordan Rogers (Mead) p. Justin Miller (SP) 1:16. 195--Garrett Demers (CdA) m.d. Jonathan Perales (ML) 10-2. 220--CJ Rodriguez (DP) d. Dwayne Robinson (Rog) 5-1; 6, Derek Fredericksen (ML). 285--Dan Schultz (CV) d. Kyle Cosby (U-Hi) 3-1.

Spud Walley Invitational: Joe Traverso finished third at 170 pounds to pace a strong run by Hanford in the upper weights.

The Falcons placed five wrestlers in the tournament that features some of the top teams in the state. Four of those placers were at 160 or above: Jeff Ahneier (sixth at 160), Traverso, Will Bishop (fifth at 182) and Casey Enderlin (fifth at 195). Michael Parkman finished sixth at 138.

Traverso capped his tourney with a 6-2 decision over state-placer Garrett Autrey of Tahoma.

At Sedro-Woolley

Team scores--Tahoma 257, Enumclaw 170, Orting 162, Kelso 144, Tumwater 115 1/2, Sedro-Woolley 107; 10, Hanford 73; 12, Eastmont 71.

Winners and Mid-Columbia placers

106--Fred Green (Ort) p. Austin Chase (Tum) 3:00. 113--Austin Dodson (Ort) d. Tim Whitehead (Tah) 9-3. 120--Steven Hopkins (Tah) m.d. Josh Newberg (Kel) 12-1. 126--Tyler Wicken (Kel) d. Cameron Nolan (Tum) 11-7. 132--Drew Templeman (Ort) p. Travis Reano (Enum) 1:22. 138--Joey Palmer (Tah) d. Shannon Maris (Ort) 9-5; 6, Michael Parkman (Han). 145--Lukas Somera (Enum) d. Daniel Hanieger (Tah) 5-3. 152--Garet McDonald (Kel) d. Brady Mast (SW) 8-6. 160--Brandon Davidson (Both) d. Berlie Walker (Emt) 7-5; 6, Jeff Anheier (Han). 170--Cody Paxman (Cdr) d. Riley Prentice (Tum) 4-2; 3, Joe Traverso (Han). 182--Sean Elledge (GlPk) p. Jamey Mange (Belv) :45; 5, Will Bishop (Han). 195--Mathew Hopkins (Tah) p. Tyler Cormier (Eum) :35; 5, Casey Enderlin (Han). 220--James Trull (Belv) d. Colton Malek (Enum) 5-4. 285--Joshua Mitchell (MtSi) p. Kevin Rabenstein (SW) 2:56.

Pasco at Bucks Bags Duals: The Bulldogs went 4-2 at the team dual in Boise, including a 69-4 loss to Kuna, a small-school powerhouse in Idaho.

Pasco coach Jay Covington said the loss to the Kavemen got his kids' attention.

"They were the hammer and we were the nail. We didn't get skunked -- we won one match -- but it was an eye-opener.

"We came down here to wrestle tough teams, and we ran into one right there."

At Boise

Team scores--Pasco 69, Middleton 4. 106--Bobby Guzman (P) win by forf. 113--Dalton McDonald (P) win by forf. 120--Timmy Martinez (P) d. Michael Carr 3-0. 126--Cody Burden (M) m.d. Hugo Mabry 12-2. 132--Gilbert Mendoza (P) p. Tristein Kruger 1:20. 138--Deondre Sparks (P) p. Austin George :48. 145--Robert Mendoza (P) Daniel French 5:35. 152--Jackson Fromm (P) m.d. Brady Portenier 11-3. 160--Phoenix Virgen (P) p. Logan Huslop 1:19. 170--Lonnie Hurley (P) d. Brandon Garner 9-3. 182--James Debosz (P) m.d. Garret Picte 17-6. 195--Rudy Jimenez (P) win by forf. 220--No match. 285--Arturo Tejeda (P) win by forf.

Team scores--Pasco 51, Hillcrest 18. 103--Ky Wenn (H) p. Guzman 2:40. 106--No match. 113--McDonald (P) win by forf. 120--Martinez (P) d. Kade Christensen 4-3. 126--Mabry (P) p. Zach Parker 5:39. 132--G. Mendoza (P) win by forf. 138--Sparks (P) p. Shatters Willnoot :40. 145--R. Mendoza (P) p. Trecen McCord :49. 152--Fromm (P) win by forf. 160--Jackson Landon (H) d. Virgen 11-5. 170--Hurley (P) p. Zach Pederson 1:40. 182--Debosz (P) p. Dalton Holverson 1:27. 195--Kreignian Wigen (H) p. Jimenez 1:01. 220--No match. 285--Resume Loveday (H) d. Tejeda 10-5.

Team scores--Kuna 69, Pasco 4. 98--Jacoby Peterson (K) p. Guzman :43. 106--Casey Cobb (K) win by forf. 113--McDonald (P) m.d. Zach Velez 12-4. 120--Michael Cook (K) d. Martinez 8-4. 126--Tyler Jaramillo (K) d. Mabry 7-2. 132--Curtis Loftis (K) d. G. Mendoza 9-3. 138--Zac Cobb (K) inj. def. Sparks. 145--Jordan Nolan (K) m.d. R. Mendoza. 152--Christian Brandon (k) p. Fromm 2:33. 160--Mikal Sanchez (K) p. Virgen 2:59. 170--Joey Dondero (K) p. Hurley 3:44. 182--Randy Emery (K) p. Debosz 2:25. 195--Cory Calhoun (K) p. Jimenez :43. 220--JC English (K) win by forf. 285--Sam Solis (K) d. Tejada 6-1.

Team scores--Pasco 43, Meridian 33. 98--Guzman (P) p. Alex Hansen (M) :32. 106--Alex Henderson (M) win by forf. 113--McDonald (P) p. Roger Fannin 4:26. 120--Martinez (P) win by forf. 126--Mabry (P) inj. def. Seth Proffitt. 132--G. Mendoza (P) t.f. TJ Hall 16-1. 138--Sparks (P) d. John Hensey 5-3. 145--Kyle Connell (M) d. R. Mendoza 6-2. 152--Fromm (P) t.f. Joe Dominick 17-1. 160--Brandon Wells (M) d. Virgen 8-7. 170--Darrion Lobato (M) d. Hurley 12-8. 182--Chris McNabb (M) p. Debosz 1:32. 195--Harley Dilullo (M) p. Jimenez 1:11. 220--Leo Barba (M) win by forf. 285--Tejada (P) p. Stephen Mihalisko 1:03.

Team scores--Pasco 48, Capital 22. 98--Dakota Poole (C) p. Guzman 4:23. 106--No match. 113--Hunter Manwaring (C) m.d. McDonald 15-4. 120--Martinez win by forf. 126--Mabry (P) win by forf. 132--G. Mendoza (P) m.d. Blake Collins 14-0. 138--Sparks (P) m.d. Jarod Huber 16-3. 145--R. Mendoza (P) p. Kyle McCullough 5:42. 152--Fromm (P) m.d. Shane Rohrer 9-0. 160--Avery Brennan (C) p. Virgen:51. 170--Hurley (P) p. Colin Garcia :44. 182--James Debosz (P) d. John Franklin 8-2. 195--Jimenez (P) d. Nathan Dass 10-5. 220--Marcus Tovar (C) win by forf. 285--Tejada (P) win by forf.

Team scores--Twin Falls 42, Pasco 35. 98--Mason Lounsbury (TF) p. Guzman 1:30. 106--Markel Page (TF) win by forf. 113--McDonald (P) p. Andrew Withers :57. 120--Martinez (P) win by forf. 126--Mabry (P) p. Braxton Perkins 5:05. 132--G. Mendoza (P) d. Isaac Laris 4-2. 138--Sparks (P) t..f Jake Sheaneveldt 19-2. 145--R. Mendoza (P) d. Tyler Lookingbill 6-3. 152--Marcus Ko (TF) d. Fromm 7-5. 160--Dakota Miller (TF) p. Virgen 3:15. 170--Hurley (P) p. Troy Anderson 2:30. 182--Chance Connell (TF) p. James DeBosz 3:20. 195--Darren Patrick (TF) p. Jimenez :45. 220--Kegan Luker (TF) win by forf. 285--Wyatt Doyle (TF) d. Tejeda 7-5.

Sunnyside at Larry Brown: The Grizzlies ran away with the team crown thanks to titles from Nathan Gonzalez (132), David Vidales (160) and Austin Carmen (220).

Sunnyside finished with 12 placers had had seven wrestlers in the finals.

At Fife

Team scores (top 5)--Sunnyside 247, Fife 193, Port Angeles 135 1/2, North Mason 129 1/2, Edmonds-Woodway 121.

Championship and Sunnyside placers

106--Glenn Robrtson (Fif) d. Jesse Barajas (SS) 7-4. 113--Noah Cuzzetto (EdWd) p. Homer Romero (SS) :31. 120--Zac Joaquin (NMas) d. Santos Guerrero (SS) 12-5. 126--Tanner Ackerly (RALng) d. Joey Wiley (Pra) 2-1; T3, Christian Ruiz (SS). 132--Nathan Gonzalez (SS) d. Rhyse Zenkner (Fif) 7-5 OT. 138--Cuter Grahn (Foss) d. Maverick Reddeway (Fif) 5-4; T3, Isidro Ramirez (SS). 145--Brian McCarty (NMas) d. Isaac Guerrero (SS) 11-8. 152--Matthew Cuzzetto (EdWd) p. Gage Anderson (O'D) 2:50; T5, Alex Nunez (SS). 160--David Vidales (SS) d. Kacee Garner (PtAngl) 7-1. 170--Zack Perez (EdWd) m.d. Marq Brown (EdMd) 18-9. 182--Brian Cristion (PtAngl) t.f. Allen Richards (Fif) 17-2; T3, Daniel Avalos (SS). 195--Cody Geary (Pra) p. Jeff Bajema (BurEd) 3:28; T3, Miguel Guzman. 220--Austin Carmen (SS) d. Chad Peterson (Intr) 10-4. 285--Evean Earnest (RALng) p. Monike Failauga (Fif) 1:08.