Prep Wrestling

Hermiston ties for 3rd at Inland Empire wrestling

SPOKANE -- Joey Delgado (135), Bryce McMahon (152) and Curtis Berger (189) all won titles to lead Hermiston to a tie for third place at the Inland Empire Tournament in Central Valley on Saturday.

Berger's title came with a 7-1 win over University's Dustin Johnson, avenging a loss in this event last season. Delgado had little trouble with a quality opponent, beating Mead's Jeremy Golding 9-2 in the final. McMahon won his opener 8-7 before finishing with three solid wins.

Richland finished eighth, 121/2 points behind Moses Lake. Payton Manthei paced the Bombers by finishing second at 103, losing a close 5-3 decision to Ellensburg's Wyatt Scribner.

Kyler Mars (119), Dustin Utecht (135), Mitchell Atwell (215) and Brady Simpson (285) all finished third for Richland.

Moses Lake won just one individual title -- Nico Moreno dominated at 145 with a pin, 16-0 technical fall and 11-2 and 9-1 decisions -- and got a runner-up finish by Kabe Fluaitt at 285.

At Central Valley

Team scores--University 192, Post Falls 187, Central Vlley 176, Hermiston 176, Mead 1591/2, Coeur d'Alene 155, Moses Lake 114, Richland 1011/2, Eisenhower 87, East Valley 85, Ellensburg 68, Cheney 49, Lewis & Clark 26, Rogers 25, Kennewick 15, Lakeland 10, Ferris 9. 103--Wyatt Scribner (Ell) d. Payton Manthei (Rich) 5-3; 5, Isaac Aguilar (Her). 112--Tyler Clark (U) d. Mitch Crain (PF) 1-0; 6, AJ Garcia (Her). 119--Colten Orrino (CV) d. Brandon Matlock (U) 2-1; 3, Kyler Mars (Rich); 5, Beau Gleed (ML). 125--Jarod Maynes (CV) d. Ryan Gabel (U) 7-1; 3, Tyler Berger (Her). 130--Brenton Beard (CV) d. Brandon Byers (U) 3-0. 135--Joey Delgado (Her) d. Jeremy Golding (Md) 9-2; 3, Dustin Utecht (Rich). 140--James Ost (PF) d. Kenny Staub (CdA) 7-2; 3, Herson Rodriguez (ML). 145--Nico Moreno (ML) p. Tyler Booth (PF) 5:49. 152--Bryce McMahon (Her) d. Chandler Rogers (Md) 4-1. 160--Kendall Nuss (PF) d. Colin Comack (CdA) 6-5; 4, Matt Kilsdonk (Herm). 171--Jordan Rogers (Md) p. Jacob Fry (U) 1:22; 5, Sam Johnson (Her). 189--Curtis Berger (Her) d. Dustin Johnson (U) 7-1; 6, Jonathan Perales (ML). 215--Jake Laden (U) p. Raul Martinez (Ike) 2:33; 3, Mitchell Atwell (Rich); 5, Damian Martinez (Her). 285--Aaron Christiansen (EV) p. Kabe Fluaitt (ML) 5:36; 3, Brady Simpson (Rich).


Othello won its own tournament behind five champions to finish 32 points ahead of second-place Chiawana.

Matt Jordan was named the tourney's outstanding wrestlers after winning the 140-pound title with a 6-1 decision of Kamiakin's Derrick Cooley in a battle of state veterans. Gilberto Villa (112), Eddie Garza (160), Stevie Garza (171) and Amando Deleon (189) also won titles for the Huskies.

Chiawana got titles from Brandon Gonzalez (pin of teammate Jadin Salazar at 130) and Adam Sauceda, who topped 2A runner-up Joey Gomez of Othello 6-4. The Riverhawks had five others finish second. Gonzalez earned the Leonard Schutte Sportsmanship Award.

Southridge's Jacob Norton (125) and Will McNamara (145) won their titles via technical fall, and Kamiakin's Adrian Barajas prevailed at 119.

At Othello

Team scores--Othello 246.5, Chiawana 214.5, Dog Squad 143.5, Goldendale 140, Chewelah 128.5, Wapato 125, Southridge 117, Othello All-Stars 116.5, Kamiakin 112, Chiawana All-Stars 55.5.

103--Omar Gomez (W) d. Anthony Barrera (O) 5-2; 3, David Lozano (K). 112--Gilberto Villa (O) p. Chris Montelongo (C), 1:16. 119--Adrian Baarjas (K) p. Lucas Garza (O) 5:13; 3, Pedro Murrillo (C). 125--Jacob Norton (SR) t.f. Dean Enstad (G) 15-0; 3, Harley Kolp (K) and Francisco Cortez (C). 130--Brandon Gonzalez (C) p. Jadin Salazar (C) 1:04; 3, Cedar Ceja (K). 135--Daniel Trudeau (Chew) p. Angel Perea (W) 2:22; 3, Mason Brown (C) and Brandon Medina (O). 140--Matt Jordan (O) d. Derrick Cooley (K) 6-1; 3, Connor Rosane (SR). 145--Will McNamara (SR) t.f. Wade Gaston (G) 17-1; 3, Boss Garcia (C). 152--Nolin Bare (Gold) p. Daniel Ramirez (C), 4:41; 3, Alfonso Guera (DS) and Kory Miller (SR). 160--Eddie Garza (O) d. James Garza (C) 5-1; 3, Matthew Melo (DS). 171--Stevie Garza (O) p. Joey Valdez (C) 1:48; 3, Kevin Del Angel (SR) and Porter Roylance (DS). 189--Amando Deleon (O) d. Kurt Wilkins (G) 8-5; Alberto Vargas (DS). 215--Adam Sauceda (C) d. Joey Gomez (O) 6-4; 3, Adrian Garcia (ASO). 285--Will Peters (Chewelah) m.d. Alex Valdez (C) 11-0; 3, Jordan Vaughn (C) and Matt Gibson (SR).

Tillamook tournament

Hanford finished third in the team standings and placed 10 wrestlers.

Matt Owens won the 145 title, while James Miller (112), Travis Hubbard (135) and Casey Enderlin (189) finished second.

Larry Brown Invite: Sunnyside ran away with the team crown in Fife thanks to individual titles from Jesse Barajas (103), Nathan Gonzalez (119), Emmanuel Tejeda (140), David Vidales (145), Josh Romero (160) and Adam Peters (285).

Miguel Madrigal (152) and Lupe Mendoza (171) placed second for the Grizzlies.

Bucks Bag Dual Tournament: Pasco finished 5-1 in the two-day tournament in Boise.

Hugo Mabry won five of his six matches at 130, four by pins and the other on a 5-0 decision. Lonnie Hurley (152) went 4-1 with four pins, and Hector Jimenez (189) was 5-1 with five pins.



103--Raheem Mercado (P) m.d. Jake Hart (E), 21-9. 112--Dalton McDonald (P) won by forfeit. 119*--Jose Castro (P) d. Tyler Smith (E), 7-3. 125--Xavier Tobias (P) t.f. Andrew Smith (E), 17-2. 130--Hugo Mabry (P) p. Aaron White (E), 2:53. 135--Gilbert Mendoza (P) t.f. Jacob Heyrend (E), 17-2. 140--Daniel Lopez (P) p. Josh Cosgrove (E), 1:57. 145--Collin Ray (E) p. Jackson Fromm (P), 1:32. 152--Lonnie Hurley (P) p. Jake Luzkow (E), 1:57. 160--Brig Steele (E) p. Anthony McKittrick (P), 4:52. 171--Jeffery Christenson (P) d. Richard West (E), 9-3. 189--Hector Jimenez (P) p. Ryan Williams (E), 3:14. 215--Matt Llanes (E) won by forfeit. 285--Sully Weisels (E) d. Albert Torres (P), 7-2.



103--Mercado (P) d. David DeNayola (V), 12-10. 112--McDonald (P) p. Pedro Billagonez (V), 1:55. 119--Randy Rojas (V) p. Castro (P), 3:04. 125*--Michael Carter (V) m.d. Tobias (P), 14-4. 130--Mabry (P) p. Brysen Andres (V), 2:44. 135--Mendoza (P) won by forfeit. 140--Lopez (P) m.d. Cameron Hiler (V), 15-4. 145--Fromm (P) d. Carlos Hernandez (V), 6-2. 152--Hurley (P) p. Edwin Lopez (V), :46. 160--McKay Hyde (V) d. McKittrick (P), 7-2. 171--Armando Roggio (V) p. Christenson (P), 4:32. 189--Jimenez (P) p. Austin LeRoy (V), 1:39. 215--Kyle Jones (V) won by forfeit. 285--Torres (P) p. Juan Cruz (V), :38.


103--Robert Gomez (C) p. Mercado, 1:30. 112--Sangiago Gonzales (C) p. McDonald (P), :53. 119--Felipe Contreras (V) p. Castro (P), 1:06. 125--Tobias (P) won by forfeit. 130*--Jason Eavenson (C) p. Mabry (P), :42. 135--Martin Meza (C) t.f. Mendoza (P), 19-1. 140--Lucio Rivera (C) p. Lopez (P), 4:36. 145--Hayden Maggard (C) p. Fromm (P), 1:49. 152--Colby Kloetzer (C) p. Hurley (P), 5:53. 160--McKittrick (P) d. Brad Ferguson (C), 10-4. 171--Jeremy Mallion (C) d. Christenson (P), 7-2. 189-- Tim Hartwig (C) p. Jimenez (P), 5:32. 215--Robbie Nelms (C) won by forfeit. 285--Jose Ramirez (C) d. Torres (P), 10-7.


103--Ryan Thatcher (R) d. Mercado (P), 14-10. 112--McDonald (P) p. Jake Wartie (R), 4:49. 119--Castro (P) p. Aaron Oreilly (R), 3:30. 125--Mason Bristil (R) m.d. Tobias (P), 11-0. 130--Mabry (P) p. Jacob Weike (R), 3:13. 135*--Mendoza (P) t.f. Anthony Beverly (R), 18-1. 140--Ian Draper (R) d. Lopez (P), 9-6. 145--Fromm (P) p. Jared Litster (R), 1:51. 152--Hurley (P) p. Braden Robinson (R), 1:55. 160--McKittrick (P) p. Dan Perez (R), 3:04. 171--Christenson (P) p. Alex Henderson (R), 3:18. 189--Jimenez (P) p. Ethan McLaod (R), 3:00. 215--Ben Guth (R) won by forfeit. 285--Torres (P) p. Marcos Tobas (R), 3:10.


103--Mercado (P) p. Graeham Gillin (B), 2:34. 112--Ben Alcala (B) t.f. McDonald (P), 15-0. 119--Andrew Rossow (B) p. Castro (P), 1:48. 125--Tobias (P) d. Zack Campbell (B), 8-5. 130--Mabry (P) d. Nick Roman (B), 5-0. 135--Mendoza (P) p. Isiah Campbell (B), 1:28. 140*--Cory Candelaria (B) d. Lopez (P), 4-3. 145--Fromm (P) d. Jared Litster (B), 14-7. 152--Hurley (P) p. Nick Popkey (B), 1:49. 160--Brett Walton (B) p. McKittrick (P), 1:26. 171--Christenson (P) p. Rome Rey (B), 1:35. 189--Jimenez (P) p. Kanyon Purcell (B), 4:42. 215--Austin Sword (B) won by forfeit. 285--Davin Addison (B) d. Torres (P), 4-0.


103--Eric Ayala (J) p. Mercado, :19. 112--McDonald (P) p. Shane Baird (J), 4:25. 119--Castro (P) d. Brandon Hall (J), 10-5. 125--Tobias (P) p. Michael Roberts (J), 4:30. 130--Mabry (P) p. Ellory Gill (J), 2:47. 135--Nick Thorne (J) d. Mendoza (P), 6-1. 140--Tate Patterson (J) p. Lopez (P), 1:46. 145*--Zach Argyle (J) p. Fromm (P), 3:21. 152--Hurley (P) won by forfeit. 160--McKittrick (P) p. Blair Cox (J), 1:52. 171--Christenson (P) d. Eric Finley (J), 14-7. 189--Jimenez (P) p. Cameron Bartlett (J), 3:16. 215--Jade Parsons (J) won by forfeit. 285--Layne Lasike (J) d. Torres (P), 5-1.