High School Football

Football: Want to know who's No. 1? Ask the ScoreCzar

Scott Odiorne likes numbers, spreadsheets and high school football.

The Vancouver man took the three passions and combined them to create a program that is getting folks around the state to take notice.

Odiorne, who is known as the ScoreCzar on the web, has made a rating system for Washington high school football, and has had surprising success predicting which teams will go deep into the postseason.

“I look at it as a recording device,” he said. “After the games are played and all the dust is settled, this is what the numbers say as far as where teams rank.”

The rankings have proved extremely reliable, as they successfully predicted Woodinville knocking off No. 1 Eastlake in the KingCo title game. Woodinville wasn’t ranked in the Associated Press polls.

On the heels of that upset, Odiorne’s system predicted the play-in week and went 21-1.

“It wasn’t always that accurate,” Odiorne said. “It is the power of the numbers. That was cool.”

Odiorne is hoping to do the ratings system again this season, and had big plans for a website that would feature every score for every team in the state for all classifications, but funding fell through at the last minute.

It would kind of be like MaxPreps, except he hopes to have fewer score errors and he wouldn’t charge for his rankings system.

“I think there is a market for this kind of information,” Odiorne said. “And laid out in the unique way that I lay it out, in team profiles, conference standings and all that, I think there would be people interested in this.

“I’m hoping to do soccer and baseball and all of that. I could franchise it out to other states and before long you would have a network and have computer rankings for high school teams from coast to coast.”

Those are grand plans that will not be realized unless he gets help financing the site. In the meantime, though, even if enough money came in today there wouldn’t be time to get the site fully functional until basketball season because of the needed coding.

He does have a rudimentary version of the site up at http://scoreczar.webs.com, but it isn’t the interactive web page he envisions in the future.

“My plan is not make or break this year,” he said. “I have a good job, and can live and could put this off another year.”

But Odiorne wants it to happen sooner than that. On top of the ratings, the site also would be a clearinghouse for statewide scores which is not offered anywhere else.

If he somehow pulls it all off, it will mark a strange journey that started with a simple spreadsheet tracking a few high schools’ scores.

In 2009, Odiorne watched Union High (Vancouver) lose to Bellevue 19-13 in the Class 3A state semifinals, despite Union dominating nearly every aspect of the game.

Afterward, Odiorne wondered whether perhaps the better team didn’t win, so he decided to make an Excel document to track Union and Bellevue’s scores, and the scores of the teams they each played.

It eventually morphed into keeping track of all the teams in the state, and now is threatening to become even bigger. All he needs is a little help.