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Athletes of the Week for February 4, 2011

The Mid-Columbia Athletes of the Week for February 4, 2011.


Bryan Corrigan, Senior, Liberty Christian

Leading scorers typically get the most attention on a basketball team, but with the numbers Liberty Christian’s Bryan Corrigan is putting up, it’s hard not to take notice of the 6-foot-5 center.

Corrigan broke the school record for rebounds in a season last weekend, going over the 240-rebound plateau.

“That was my goal this season,” he said. “I just missed it last year. It’s not because I jump so high. I block out pretty well and go hard for them.”

As a junior, Corrigan started with three other players 6 feet and taller. This year’s team is a tad shorter, which has helped him average 14.1 rebounds per game.


Favorite food: Lasagna

Favorite nonsport activity: Playing video games

Favorite athlete: Kevin Durant

Most like to meet: The President

Favorite class: History

Favorite movie: The Ringer

Favorite TV show: 24

Career plans: Mechanical engineer


Tayshia Hunt, Senior, Prosser

Not too many people’s favorite moments in life involve going to Tacoma, but when the alternative is Yakima, well, it makes sense.

Prosser senior Tayshia Hunt fondly remembers her freshman basketball season when the Mustangs went to the state tournament at the Tacoma Dome.

What she hopes happens this season, will be a berth to state and a date at the Yakima SunDome like the last two seasons, and hopefully this time Prosser can get over the hump and bring home a state title.

“I think we can, if we continue to play hard,” she said. “I think the experience has been a big help for our team.”


Favorite food: Enchiladas

Favorite nonsport activity: Going to church

Favorite athlete: Kobe Bryant

Most like to meet: Michael Jordan

Favorite class: Algebra II

Must-have on the road: Snacks

Favorite TV show: Law & Order

Last book read (not for school): Eclipse

Career plans: Pediatric nurse

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