College Sports

Husky joke No. 29

A man walks into a nearly empty bar with a cat under his arm. The bartender says, "Mister, we don't allow pets in here, but since it's early and there's not much business, I'm going to make an exception; your cat can stay as long as it behaves."

Just then the Apple Cup starts. The Cougs go up 14 points almost immediately; the game slows a bit; Wazoo scores again. Then, on the next possession, the UW kicker floats the longest field goal of his career just barely through the uprights.

The cat, heretofore asleep, jumps up onto the bar, stands on his hind legs, parades back and forth along the length of the bar, meowing loudly with his front paws raised in over his furry head to signify the score.

"My gosh!" exclaims the barkeep, "That is one heck of a cat! What does he do when the Huskies score a touchdown?"

"I couldn't tell you," murmured the owner. "I've only had him six years."