College Sports

Cougar joke No. 17

A Coug was driving west from Pullman at the same time a Husky was driving east from Seattle and they happened to meet head-on in a horrible crash on top of Snoqualmie Pass.

Miraculously, both climbed out of the steaming wreckage, their bodies intact. They examined the twisted metal and realized that they were truly lucky to be alive.

The Coug said, "This must be a sign from God that we should end the bitter rivalry that we have had since the beginning of time."

The Husky agreed. He went to his trunk and pulled out an unbroken bottle of whiskey. "This is truly remarkable," he said, "God must want us to toast our new-found friendship."

He twisted the cap off and handed the bottle to the Coug, who took several big swigs, wiped his chin and handed the bottle back. The Husky replaced the cap, and without a word, put the bottle back into his trunk.

"Aren't you going to celebrate our luck?" asked the Coug.

"Nah, I thing I'll just wait for the troopers to get here."